Reviva Labs Collagen Fiber Skin Brightener Pads 3 inches x 4 inches - Case of 6 - 2 Packs

$ 70.97

Lighten, Brighten Brown Spots or Uneven Pigmentation on Areas of Face and Hands in Minutes!
(Temporary, but Added Usage Provides Progressive Brightening)
100% Pure Freeze-Dried
Collagen Fibre Infused with Special Skin Lightening Alpha - Arbutin, Licorice, Grapeseed Extract and Citric Acid
(See Results with Each 15 Minute Treatment)
Cut Pads into Strips for Specific Areas

The Freeze-Dried Native Collagen Difference.

Native collagen fibre is basically a hydrating, healing treatment, but now, premium lightening ingredients have been infused into the collagen fibre.

Thus in addition to rapid hydration, you have a unique, lightening brightening action.

Regular collagen in creams, etc. is beneficial, but processing via heat, solvents, etc. means that regular Collagen cannot have the maximum hydrating, vitalizing properties of freeze-dried native Collagen.

In a skin-lightening study on Chinese women, Alpha-Arbutin resulted in a faster and more pronounced skin lightening effect after 1 month when compared to other commonly used lightening ingredients. In addition licorice, grapeseed extract and citric acid have been added to the infusion for supportive brightening, lightening action.

With this very special lightening-brightening complex added to the native collagen fibre, you can see results after each 15-20 minute treatment.

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