Premium 1-2" LED Invisible Splice Kit

by Birddog
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Rope Light Inline Splice Connectors Includes 2 male pins 2 shrink sleeves 2 PVC connectors Use with 1/2" 2-Wire LED Rope Lights Assembly Instructions for the Splice Connector Ensure that the rope light to be joined with the connector is not connected to the electrical supply. In order to join the rope light with the connector the rope light must be cut in one of the places specifically marked for this purpose. Use a sharp pair of cutting pliers and ensure that the cut is clean and vertical. Never connect the rope light to the electrical supply when joining the light with the connector. 1.Push the sharp end of the male connector into the center of the wire tubes making sure that the sharp ends make contact with the two off-center wires. Note that the male pin connector and the rope light wires are off-center and must run in a straight line. 2.Push the shrink tube approx. 7-10 inches up the rope light. 3.Now push the end of the second rope light section into the connector. Ensure that the ends of the male connector are positioned centrally and aligned correctly in the wire tubes. To assure a tighter weather seal apply a bead of silicone or other waterproof sealant on each end of the connector. Now push the shrink tube over the rope light and connector and apply heat. Ensure that the sealant is hardened sufficiently. Connectors and joints can only withstand a limited amount of mechanical pressure.
Product Summary:
- Premium 1/2" LED Invisible Splice Kit
- LED Lights
- LED Rope Lights