Pre-Cut LED Neon 2-Wire 120-Volt Pink Rope Light

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LED Neon Rope Lights offer the easiest and most economical replacement to standard glass neon accents and are now available in custom cut lengths! Because of their extraordinary ability to mimic the consistent lighting effects of glass neon LED Neon is the best option available to create signage perimeter accents or for any other application where glass neon has traditionally been used. LED Neon can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects and offers an 80% reduction in energy usage when compared to traditional glass neon. LED Neon Rope Lights are easily customizeable and can be cut in intervals of about 19 and spliced together to create runs of up to 164 ! Create custom lighting effects with 2-Wire Rope Light Controllers. Add a dimmer fader or flashing controller to your rope lights to create distinctive lighting effects for your next project. Included AccessoriesThis pre-cut section of LED Neon Rope Light is shipped with a power cord and end cap pre-instalLED. 1 Power Cord with 3' Lead Wire (pre-instalLED) 1 End Cap (pre-instalLED) What are LED Neon Rope Lights? LED Neon Rope Lights consist of LEDs encased within a PVC protective casing which is molded into a patented shape. This shape allows for the even disbursement of light and produces a consistent light effect like that of traditional glass neon fixtures. Why LED over Traditional Glass Neon? The advantages of LED Neon Rope Light when compared to traditional glass are striking. LEDs produce the same evenly disbursed light as traditional neon at a fraction of the energy usage. You can realize up to 80% energy savings with LED Neon! In addition LED bulbs will last much longer and are much more durable than glass bulbs.
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- Pre-Cut LED Neon 2-Wire 120-Volt Pink Rope Light
- LED Lights
- LED Neon Rope Lights

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