North American Herb and Spice BerriMax - 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Six wild berry capsules
100% raw
Powerful enzymes intact High polyphenol
High flavonoid
This is the only raw, wild berry capsule available, made from:

raw, cranberry powder

raw, wild blueberry

raw, wild blackberry

raw, wild red raspberry

raw, wild black raspberry

raw, wild camu camu berry
Cold-pressed, BerriMax capsules are the maximum-strength, wild, raw, remote-source berry extract available. Made from six different wild berries, there is nothing else like it. This is a raw extract, which means all the nutrients are intact, as well as the native, raw energy from the sun. The berries used in BerriMax contain powerful antioxidants, which are high in ORAC scores. These berries are rare and difficult to find. The rawness is why BerriMax is so powerful. Anyone can tell by its taste and color that this is the most potent, unaltered, and original wild berry extract available. All other berry extracts are cooked. The rawness also ensures another key attribute, which is the preservation of the sun s energy, known as photonic power. The photons are potent substances that benefit all people. Makes a delicious addition to springwater (about 40 drops per bottle). BerriMax is the basic formula that everyone should take, 20 to 40 drops daily. Now available as convenient vegi caps with air-dried and freeze-dried multiple berry powders. Use daily for optimal health. Ideally, combine with RaspaMax capsules. Also available as BerriMax liquid extract in a 2 fl oz bottle.
This extract is cold-pressed, which leaves all of the healthful enzymes intact. Other extracts are cooked during processing, which kills the most potent health properties of the berries: quercetin, ellagic acid, caffeic acid, benzoic acid, resveratrol, cyanidin-3-glucoside and cyanidin-3-rutinoside. BerriMax contains all of these, as well as potent flavonoids and phytochemicals, including proanthocyanins, polyphenols, phenols and anthocyanins. To keep these powerful components intact, North American Herb & Spice does not use heat during extraction. Heat destroys the sun-charged energy. With BerriMax all of this is intact. That s what makes it so powerful.
The power of the sun
Wild berries have up to five times the nutritional and medicinal properties of commercial berries. All of the wild, sun-ripened berries in BerriMax are harvested in remote North American regions even above the 55th parallel. The harsh weather and environment create hardy, nutrient-dense berries rich in phytochemicals. The berries are cold-pressed immediately after picking, which ensures the preservation of all the nutrients, including the delicate enzymes. For thousands of years natives have used these wild berries for various conditions, including problems with blood vessels, digestion, skin, joints, lungs, kidneys bladder, and female disorders. Wild animals consume wild berries to preserve their health and for greater energy and stamina.
Ingredients: Proprietary Blend 700 mg
Raw, cranberry powder
Raw, organic blueberry powder
Raw raspberry powder
Freeze-dried black raspberry powder
Wild, raw camu camu powder