J.R.Liggetts Mini Traveler - 1 Kit

$ 21.87

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J.R.Liggetts Mini Traveler Description:

Travel Size
4 Bars and Travel Case
No Conditioner Needed
Shampoo, Shower and Shave
Designed for Everyday Use
Use for Healthy Hair and Skin
Take Anywhere-Everywhere
The Best Shampoo Youll Ever Use!

The Mini Traveler was designed to make Traveling easy! Traveling with J.R. Liggetts Bar Shampoo gives you healthy, beautiful, and clean hair naturally. It also provides important Multi-Tasking capabilities as well.

Our Shampoo is designed for your hair, but can also be used as a very mild body soap, for shaving, and it loves fabric, you can use it to wash socks, undergarments etc. safely and easily. Its Multi-Tasking saves you space, replaces many other carry on items, and is Airline Friendly.

Its made with pure New Hampshire spring water, edible vegetable oils, and is 100% biodegradable. No synthetic oils, no animal products, no chemical concoctions, and no detergents... this shampoo does not strip all the natural oils from your hair (as detergents do) so most people dont need a conditioner!

Each Mini Traveler comes packed with - 2 Original Formula Bars, 1 Tea Tree and Hemp Oil Bar (no fragrance), and 1 Jojoba and Peppermint Bar. Each Bar weighs .65oz and is designed to last for a significant length of time. For a weekend or a week you will have a fine assortment of shampoos.

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