ILLUMICLIP Rope Light Mounting Clips For Edging (21 Pack)

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Connect your rope lighting to plastic landscape edging 1" boat/rv railing or any other 1" diameter solid material to easily produce perimeter lighting for your garden landscaping or boat/RV. Illumiclips can be used with both 1/2 and 3/8 rope light products. Illumiclip accessories are made with 100% recycLED plastic and are designed to be attached to plastic steel or aluminum landscape edgings while supporting a rope light. We recommend one clip every 12 for a consistent look. This product can be pivoted in multiple directions to ensure the light effects match your custom project. It can even be used to support multiple runs of rope light by staggering them in installation. There are no other products like Illumiclip on the market and it is the ideal rope light support for edging boat or RV railings and many more applications. Steps for attaching Illumiclip to your edging 1. Clear debris away from the edging 2. Attach the clips every 1 foot apart 3. Attach the rope lighting
Product Summary:
- ILLUMICLIP Rope Light Mounting Clips For Edging (21 Pack)
- LED Lights
- LED Rope Lights

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