Green 5050 LED Rigid Light Bar

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SMD 5050 Rigid LED Light bars feature 30 bright LEDs which provide excellent lighting for all your workspaces. Each rigid light bar measures approximately 20 in length and is end-to-end connectable up to 10 sets. Whether it's in the kitchen office bedroom or bathroom new Rigid LED light bars are the ideal solution for your needs. Simply mount the lights on adjustable hinged brackets or apply directly with 3M brand double sided foam tape. Pair your LED Rigid Light Bars with a 12v Dimmer and you will have complete control over the brightness of your space. LED Rigid Light Bar AccessoriesThis LED Rigid Light Bar comes with everything you need to connect to your 12v power source. Each Kit Includes: 1 x Male Power Connector (pre-instalLED) 1 x Female Power Connector (pre-instalLED) 1 x End Cap A 12v power source is required for this product. If needed a 12 Volt Power Supply can be purchased for $29.99. 12V Power Supply (sold separately) Required with 110/120v source. Male/Female Power Connectors (pre-instalLED) What are LED Rigid Light Bars? LED Rigid Bar Lights feature surface mounted diodes (SMDs) which produce the brightest light offered by current LED technology. The chips or SMDs are attached directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to maximize durability and longevity. This PCB is then instalLED within an aluminum casing. LED Rigid Bar Lights feature either SMD 3528 (standard) or SMD 5050 (high output) or SMD 5630 (high-intensity) chips. SMD 3528 SMD 5050 and SMD5630 - What s the difference? Standard brightness SMD 3528 LEDs are capable of producing brilliant accents in your home or business but when extreme brightness is needed SMD 5050 LEDs offer the brightest solution. Even brighter than our SMD5050 option are high intensity SMD5630 LEDs.
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