Garfield Arlene Trexi Mini-Figure

by EED
$ 18.00

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The world of Garfield goes Trexi! Awesomely stylized Trexi Mini-Figure of the loveable quick-witted cat, Arlene. Collect all of the Garfield Trexi Figures! The world of Garfield gets a Trexi makeover! This Garfield Arlene Trexi Mini-Figure features the loveable and quick-witted female cat Arlene as a 2 1/2-inch tall mini-figure, rendered in the classic Trexi fashion and includes a sleek round head along with nifty movable arms for enhanced posability. Plus, turn Arlene's happy face around to reveal a less enthusiastic one - you can pose her for whatever mood that you want! Made from high-quality plastic. Ages 15 and up.