Brilliant 4' 20w Warm White LED T8 Tube Light

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Enjoy a 55%+ savings on electricity consumed by replacing your existing fluorescent bulbs with new energy efficient and maintenance free LED T8 bulbs. Brilliant Brand LED T8 tube lights can be instalLED with ease into existing sockets by removing or bypassing the existing ballast. Brilliant Brand LED T8 bulbs have a 50 000 hour working life and they include a three year manufacturer s warranty. Our LED T8 tube lights are UL listed manufactured under the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) contain no mercury or lead are 100% recyclable and emit no RF interference. A premium aluminum circuit board enclosed in a clear PVC tube and an extruded aluminum back heat sink combined with SMD LEDs give Brilliant Brand T8 replacements the durability and quality that our customers have come to expect from our products.
Features :
Integrated LED Heat Sink and Housing Design Rotating End Caps for Directional Positioning Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Long Life Span - 50 000 Hours 3 Year Warranty Benefits Great for use in Commercial or Residential Applications 55%+ Savings on Energy Consumption Easily Install In Existing T8 Fixtures Financial Incentives available Contains No Mercury or Lead Do I have to be an electrician to bypass existing ballasts? No! Bypassing your existing ballast can be done without an electrician by following our easy installation guide.
Product Summary:
- Brilliant 4' 20w Warm White LED T8 Tube Light
- All LEDs
- All LEDs

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