65' 120-Volt Cool White 3528 LED Strip Light Spool

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New Brilliant Brand 120v Strip Lights are perfect for any line voltage linear lighting application and produce a wonderfully bright accent for crown molding under cabinet or perimeter lighting. 65 Cool White 120V LED SMD-3528 Strip Lights feature the same super bright LEDs found in our 12v SMD-3528 Strip Lights but offer the longer max run that is associated with the higher voltage. Featuring 60 high output SMD 3528 LEDs every 3.25 these lights are sure to revitalize any dull spaces found in your home or business. 120v LED Strip lights are the next evolution of linear lighting technology and offer the brightest accent lighting solution available in today s market. They are extremely versatile can be easily customized using a wide variety of accessories and have the ability to be instalLED in maximum runs of 330 ! It s easy to create custom lighting effects with 120v LED Strip Lights by using them in conjunction with a dimmer fader or flashing controller in your next accent lighting project. Free Accessory Pack Included!This 65' 1/2" Brilliant Brand LED Strip Light spool comes with everything you need to get your project started immediately a $14.67 value free! Each Kit Includes: 1 x 2' Standard Power Cord with Power Connector (Includes inline rectifier) 1 x End Cap 50 x Mounting Clips $14.67 Value! What are LED Strip Lights? LED Strip Lights feature surface mounted diodes (SMDs) which produce the brightest light offered by current LED technology. The chips or SMDs are attached directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to maximize durability and longevity. LED Strip Lights feature either SMD 3528 (standard) or SMD 5050 (high output) chips and can be cut in consistent intervals. Why choose 120v over 12v? 12v LED Strip Lights made a splash in the accent lighting world because of their high brightness flexibility and durability. What they lacked was the ability to run in a series of more than 16.5ft. With new 120v LED Strip Lights the maximum run is 330 and they can still offer the same brightness found in our 12v option. SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 - What s the difference? Standard brightness SMD 3528 LEDs are capable of producing brilliant accents in your home or business but when extreme brightness is needed SMD 5050 LEDs offer the brightest solution.
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- 65' 120-Volt Cool White 3528 LED Strip Light Spool
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