51pc 1-2" LED Rope Light Accessory Kit

$ 40.89

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The easiest most cost effective way to make sure you have plenty of accessories for your LED rope lights is to buy our LED rope light accessory kits. These kits are packaged with a variety of all the available standard LED rope light accessories. This gives you the opportunity to customize your design without having to purchase individual items in larger quantities. Start your LED rope light project today. Includes: 1 Power Cord (With inline rectifier) 1 Power Connector 2 T'S (with 6 T-power connectors) 5 Inline Splices 5 End Caps 1 Female to Female Extension 30 Heavy Duty Mounting Clips
Product Summary:
- 51pc 1/2" LED Rope Light Accessory Kit
- LED Lights
- LED Rope Lights

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