5-Outlet GFI ShockBuster Surge Protector

by Birddog
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* Ground fault circuit interrupter turns a regular outlet into 5 safety outlets * Instantly shuts off power to protect equipment from electrical damage * Essential electrical safety equipment The Shock Buster Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter provides protection against electrical shock and equipment damage. The Five Outlet GFCI unit converts a single outlet into 5 safety outlets. Each Shock Buster GFCI instantly detects ground fault and shuts off power in a fraction of a second. No special installation required - simply plug the Shock Buster GFCI into a normal wall outlet and then plug your lighting into one of the 5 GFCI Shock Buster outlets.
Features :
test button reset button and red LED power indicator light for added safety. Shock Buster Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters protect against: Frayed damaged electrical cords Hazardous electrical leakage in lighting appliances and tools Electric shock caused by appliances and tools exposed to water How does it work? Shock Buster instantly detects ground fault caused by electrical current leakage Shuts off power in a fraction of a second Built-in electronic sensing device detects leakage currents as low as 4mA
Product Summary:
- 5-Outlet GFI ShockBuster Surge Protector
- Lighting Accessories
- Surge Protectors & Outlets