164' LED 2-Wire 120-Volt 1-2" Orange Rope Light Spool

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LED Rope lights give you the ability to create custom accent lighting projects at home and can also be used in virtually any lighting application due to their flexibility and due to the fact that they can be cut to length in intervals of 39". The advantages of LED Rope Light when compared to standard incandescent rope lights are striking. LEDs produce a brighter light than incandescent bulbs and consume 90% less energy! In addition LED bulbs will last nearly three times longer and are much more durable than incandescent bulbs. LED Rope Lighting is rated for both indoor and outdoor applications. Rope light is an excellent product to use as cove lighting in hallways bedrooms or to bring a soft comfortable ambience to any room in the house. Use LED rope lighting to surround your eves gutters and windows during the holidays or wrap your trees and bring a beautiful accent to your deck or front porch.
Product Summary:
- 164' LED 2-Wire 120-Volt 1/2" Orange Rope Light Spool
- Overstock Items
- Vertical LED Rope Lights

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