151' LED 2-Wire 120-Volt 1-2" Green Rope Light Spool (Horizontal)

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Brilliant Brand 151 Green LED Rope Light spools (Horizontal) feature horizontal bulb placement and produce a beautifully vibrant glow. They can be used to accent your home or business and are safe for both indoor and outdoor applications. Horizontal bulb placement gives rope lights the ability to emit an omnidirectional light in all directions as opposed to vertical bulb placement which can be aimed. LED Rope lights are easily customizable and can be cut at 39" intervals while providing amazing versatility because of their extreme flexibility. Commercial grade Brilliant Brand LED Rope lighting is an excellent option for cove lighting in hallways bedrooms kitchens or to bring a soft comfortable ambience to any room in your home or to attract attention to your business. Create custom lighting effects with 2-Wire Rope Light Controllers. Add a dimmer fader or flashing controller to your rope lights to create distinctive lighting effects for your next project. Free Accessory Pack Included!Customize this 151' 1/2" Brilliant Brand LED Rope Light spool in countless ways with the included 63 piece accessory kit and enhance the visual appeal of your home or business. That s a $53 value free! Each Kit Includes: 3 x 5' Standard Power Cords with Power Connectors (Includes inline rectifier) 1 x T-Connector 3 x Inline Splices 1 x Female to Female Extension 5 x End Caps 50 x Mounting Clips $53.92 Value! What are LED Rope Lights? Brilliant Brand LED Rope lights consist of bright and durable LEDs encased in high quality PVC tubing and is most often used to provide accent lighting for living spaces commercial buildings or landscaping. Rope Lights give you the ability to create custom accent lighting projects at home and can also be used in virtually any lighting application due to their extreme versatility. Why LED over Incandescent? The advantages of LED Rope Light when compared to standard incandescent rope lights are striking. LEDs produce a brighter light than incandescent bulbs and consume 90% less energy! In addition LED bulbs will last nearly three times longer and are much more durable than incandescent bulbs. How will bulb placement affect my lighting project?: LED Rope Light Spools are available with Vertical Bulb Placement (Directional) or Horizontal Bulb Placement (Omnidirectional). Choosing a style depends on the specific requirements of your next rope lighting project. To learn more about the differences and benefits of each click here.
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- 151' LED 2-Wire 120-Volt 1/2" Green Rope Light Spool (Horizontal)
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