150' 2-Wire 120-Volt 1-2" Patriotic Red White & Blue Rope Light Spool

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Rope light gives you the ability to create custom accent lighting projects at home and can also be used in virtually any lighting application. The patriotic red white and blue rope light is arranged with 2' sections of each color and is cuttable every 72". Create custom lighting effects with 2-Wire Rope Light Controllers. Add a dimmer fader or flashing controller to your rope lights to create distinctive lighting effects for your next project. Free Accessory Pack Included! Customize this 150' 1/2" Brilliant Brand Rope Light spool in countless ways with the included 62 piece accessory kit and enhance the visual appeal of your home or business. That s a $49.99 value free! Each Kit Includes: 3 Power Cords - 1 cord runs up to 150' 3 Power Connectors 3 End Caps 3 Inline Splices 50 Mounting Clips $49.99 Value! What are Rope Lights? Rope Lighting consists of small incandescent light bulbs encased within a PVC tubing. They are an ideal accent lighting solution because of their extreme flexibility and because of the fact that they can be cut in marked intervals. Rope Lights make creating custom accent light projects a breeze both indoors and outdoors. Can Rope Lights be cut to length? Rope Lights are one of the most versatile linear lighting solutions and can be cut spliced and connected at marked intervals. When one bulb goes out one entire section can be replaced instead of a whole spool. Are Rope Lights waterproof?: Although they cannot be submerged in water Rope Lights PVC casing allows for outdoor applications where rain and weather is present. Be sure to seal all of your connections with silicone sealant to improve the lifetime of your lights. Using rope lights outdoors without sealant will generally lead to decreased bulb life.
Product Summary:
- 150' 2-Wire 120-Volt 1/2" Patriotic Red White & Blue Rope Light Spool
- Rope Lights
- Incandescent Rope Lights

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