12V 5A 60W Waterproof Power Supply

by Birddog
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This 12v 5A 60W power adapter is for use with our 3528 or 5050 LED Strip Lights. Exposed wires on the input side can be directly spliced into 120V wiring and powers up to 27 feet of 5050 LED Strip Lights or 41 feet of 3528 LED Strip Lights. Keep in mind that both SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights can only run up to 20' in a series circuit. For example to run 100' of SMD 3528s you will need to run 5 x 20' sections in parallel.
Product Summary:
- 12V 5A 60W Waterproof Power Supply
- All LEDs
- All LEDs