Corded Telephones

Corded Telephones

Corded Telephones - Right Business Telephone System

While it may seem like a blast from the past, corded telephones are still the chosen communication device to keep on the desk in many offices. We have a wide range of basic and vintage telephones & handsets to be used or simply displayed. Whether you are looking for a wood and bronze wall telephone or a more elegant artesian style, we have it available! Additionally you can find a range of colors to match your interior décor while still being a useful piece of equipment in your office, bedroom, kitchen or other area of your home or business.

1910 Duke Sold out
$ 57.64

1910 Duke

1950 Desk Phone Black Sold out
1950 Desk Phone Red Sold out
1959 Princess Purple Sold out
219100-voe-27s Patriot Black Sold out